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Fuck Yeah Pear-Shaped Girls

Jul 6 '14

pure-blxss asked:

Can girls who are like 4'11 have a a pear shaped body ! I'm a bit short but it seems as if I have a pear figure '

Definitely!  Pear-shaped-ness isn’t height determined!  :)

Jul 6 '14

starlet-harlet asked:

Do you have any recommendations of where to get not expensive swimsuits for pear shaped bodies? I'm a teen so I need cute suits that can be bought with minimum wage. cx I'm a 34A and a 8-10(US) in bottoms. Thank you. (p.s. I adore your blog)

I usually go to Target! We’re about the same size.  I’ll get a small in tops and large on bottom.  Depending on the cut, you might need an extra large, but Target runs small, especially in Junior sizes, so don’t take it badly (I say that because I used to).

Jul 6 '14

wanafrick asked:

this blog tho <3
Jul 6 '14

Loving my body for the first time in my entire life! :D

Loving my body for the first time in my entire life! :D

Jul 1 '14

terriblethoughtsx asked:

Yes pear shaped people <3 I hate my body but I have a pear shape and your blog made me feel so much better xx

Don’t hate your body!  WE LOVE YOU.

Jun 18 '14

ragin-cajun-boomshakalaka asked:

I've always though I was "frumpy". Seeing all these girls actually made me proud for once. Also I realized I'm not dressing appropriately for my shape as i didn't think it was possible. I'm excited to go shopping for clothes for the first time!
Jun 10 '14
Jun 5 '14
"It is just a body. The more you can be neutral about a body, the better. Bodies change, and many times they change from things out of your control. Bodies do not, and never will, have anything to do with your value."
Jun 5 '14

kamboner-deactivated20140728 asked:

i wish i was pear shaped. There's a girl in my class who is and he has a big butt and nice legs and a flat stomach but has a cute little tummy and it makes me jealous (but not the mean kid if jealous tho) and I just hate me body and how I look. My face is crooked and I know I'm 14 and I'll change but it just bothers me a lot :c even if I was at a weight I liked, I still hate my body shape. I don't even know what it is. My looks stress me out.

Hey, trust me, that girl in your class is probably stressing about her looks just as much as you are.  Your age is probably the hardest stage to get through.  I’ve found that the older you get, the more comfortable you get with your body, either because you just stop caring so much (because it’s exhausting!), because people that love you will help you build up your self-esteem or because you learn little personal tricks that make you feel better (and maybe look better, too).

For me, for whatever godforsaken reason, I was bequeathed with a gappy-overbite and Girl-with-the-Dragon-Tattoo eyebrows, a lazy eye, in addition to my short legs and wide hips.  Even though I agonized over them at your age, I eventually stopped caring about my hips (because, whatever, they’re there and I have a booty and my boyfriends all liked them and boom), I learned how to fake having eyebrows, I give myself symmetrical eyes with make up, and I trained myself to hold my jaw in a certain position (kind of like how the rubberbands on braces do), so now it’s just natural.

You body is not done changing, either.  Not even close.  My tits bloody disappeared in my early twenties and are kind of coming back, but not really.  You have to understand that your body is not in stasis, that it will change and will continue to change your entire life.  You’ll gain weight and lose weight and your hair will get chopped off and grow and back and you’ll get tanned and pale and wrinkles and chipped teeth and stretchmarks.  It’s all part of being human and it’s something we all have in common.  

So I know it’s a lot easier to say that it is to hear/do, but don’t stress, and start telling yourself nice things about your body, because you deserve to hear it. 

Jun 4 '14
22 years old, I love drawing pear shaped women. I especially love exaggerating the curves :)

22 years old, I love drawing pear shaped women. I especially love exaggerating the curves :)